Resources for Disaster Planning and Emergency Collections Assistance

Custodians of historical and cultural resources must be prepared to deal with both natural and man-made disasters when they hit.

Below find some links to organizations and online resources that will help you create a disaster plan; respond to disasters when they happen; and apply for available funding for remediation of various types of materials.

If you have additional resources to add to this list, please contact

Disaster Planning Resources

Online template for disaster planning
- Answer questions about your institution and holdings to create a customized plan

COSTEP: Coordinated Statewide Emergency Preparedness
Guide and checklist

Council of State Archivists
Emergency Preparedness Initiative - Interactive resources to help you devise a disaster plan

Council of State Archivists
Disaster Response - Download the Pocket Response Plan (PReP) and access additional online disaster planning tools

New York State Archives
Records Advisory:
Electronic Records Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

New York State Archives
Disaster Preparedness and Response Assistance

Alliance for Response (AFR)
Bringing together cultural heritage and emergency management professionals at the local level. Alliance for Response forums have led to the formation of numerous cooperative disaster networks across the country

Association for Library Collections & Technical Services
Disaster preparedness clearinghouse

PSAP: Preservation Self-Assessment Program    Offers a free online tool that helps collection managers prioritize efforts to improve conditions of collections

National Center for Preservation Technology & Training
The NCPTT focuses on historic preservation of buildings and artifacts, but has some resources that may be of interest to archives, including an Emergency Response and Salvage app.

Remediation Resources

Northeast Document Conservation Center
Preservation Leaflets - View brief pamphlets on a variety of topics related to emergency preparedness an disaster planning

Library of Congress
Preservation Homepage

Preservation Homepage - Find a range of resources such as how to care for specific media formats damaged in a disaster and a Records Emergency Toolkit

Smithsonian Institution Archives
Select Resources for Disaster Prevention, Preparedness, and Response for Archives, Museums, and Libraries

British Library 
The BL has several preservation resources on their Collection Care site, in particular, a short guide to Salvaging Library and Archival Collections.

AV-Specific Resources

Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) - Disaster - First Actions for Film, Tape and Discs

Specs Bros - Disaster Recovery Checklist

Specs Bros - Disaster Response for Magnetic Tape Materials

Specs Bros - Hurricane & Flood Recovery for Magnetic Tapes

Library of Congress - The Signal: Digital Preservation

Independent Media Arts Preservation - List of resources

National Film & Sound Archive Australia - Disaster Planning

National Film & Sound Archive Australia First Aid for Water Damage

AudioVisual Preservation Solutions - Disaster Response Information & Assistance List of Resources

Funding for Planning and Remediation

State/Regional Funding Sources

New York State Archives
Disaster Recovery Grants Overview

Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference
Disaster Relief Fund Guidelines

National Funding Sources

Grant information

Brochure - Before and After: Federal Funding for Cultural Institutions

Institute of Museum and Library Services
Conservation Assessment Program
National Leadership Grants for Museums

National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
Call for Proposals

National Endowment for the Humanities
Division of Preservation and Access

National Historical Publications & Records Commission
Grant Information

Society of American Archivists
National Disaster Recovery Fund for Archives

Northeast Document Conservation Center
List of funding sources

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