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Advocacy Committee

Issues of Importance

Government accountability
Reforms in access to public records and greater transparency

Citizens’ rights
Access to information (Freedom of Information (FOIA) laws and the right to privacy) and government surveillance

Government legislation and its impact on the archives community Funding issues and cutbacks, resource allocation, and access to services  

Copyright and intellectual property rights
Redrafting Section 108 of the copyright law, knowledge of Orphan Works, and other protections afforded under intellectual property mandates 

Support of metropolitan area archivists and cultural heritage collections
Rally and campaign in response to issues faced by repositories of all sizes, endorse educational initiatives for archives and within the archives profession, advance policies that address diversity and equality, and ensure the enduring health and stability of historic records through proactive alliances amongst repositories 

Check out our advocacy presence here: CURRENT and PREVIOUS ACTIONS

Member Advocacy in Action: Contact your elected representatives and let them know the importance of archives to their constituents and communities. Become more involvedresources and contacts

The Advocacy Committee maintains an active web presence, providing updated information about Advocacy Resources for Archivists and Funding Sources

Are your prepared for the worst? If not, check out our page on Resources for Disaster Planning and Emergency Collections Assistance

Join Us!

The Advocacy Committee is looking for members to help manage, update, and expand its web pages on current/past advocacy actions, and resources for advocacy as well as for disaster planning and response.  Volunteers are also needed to help coordinate advocacy related programs and events, as well as to monitor public policy issues that affect our profession.

New members are encouraged to join.  Please contact the Director of the Advocacy Committee for more information and meeting times and locations.


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