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MTA Bridges and Tunnels

Monday, March 11, 2024 10:25 PM | Laura DeMuro (Administrator)

Assistant Project Manager, Special Archives

(March 11, 2024)

Position Title - Assistant Project Manager, Special Archives

Supervisor Title (All entry and mid-level position supervisors should be qualified, professional archivists.)- Manager, Special Archives

Position Type - Full-time, permanent

Benefits - Yes

Salary Range - $76,000 - $85,000


The Assistant Project Manager for the Special Archives uses professional knowledge, training, and experience while using archival materials to provide comprehensive support and in-depth research services to assist agency departments within Bridges and Tunnels and the MTA, including the Office of the President, Operations, Maintenance, Engineering (Construction & Development), Law, Internal Security, as well as consultants and contractors.

Identifies and acquires digital photos and documents taken during construction and maintenance projects to stage them for long-term preservation and access.

Plays an integral role in the development of a centralized digital photo repository, managed according to industry standards, to allow the thousands of historic and contemporary agency photos taken during agency projects, as well as other historical documents to be available for current and future access. Assists in planning and exhibit design for Bridges and Tunnels museum space. The historic record is critical for jurisdictional planning and decision-making purposes, property reports, and to equip the agency in the overall stewardship of its historical structures.

The position also provides research services to academic professionals, journalists, authors, filmmakers, and investment-rating agencies, and assists in the design of physical exhibits and social media content to educate the public regarding agency history.

Responsible for proactively acquire, catalog, and maintain accessible, retrievable computer archives, databases, and a diverse array of archival materials – digital photographs, reports, artefacts, for such events as Open Road Tolling conversion, Covid-19, and major agency initiatives such as the Central Business District Tolling (Congestion Pricing), by incorporating current advances in electronic information storage technology.

Provide specialized reference services and assistance to internal and external customers for archival materials, research, and licensing requests.

Create special media and programming (quarterly newsletter, historical articles, exhibits, presentations). Write and review, journal articles, institutional reports, and publicity materials. Select and edit documents for publication and display, applying knowledge of subject, literary expression, and presentation techniques.

Keep abreast of software and hardware changes affecting the preservation of digital photos and work in conjunction with IT to ensure that cloud storage methods are conducive to photo preservation.


Bachelor’s Degree in history (or related fields) and four (4) years professional experience as an archivist, with knowledge of archival and/or library best practices

Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite

Trained in standard archival practices of appraisal, arrangement and description, provenance, and preservation

Knowledge of best practices in cataloging and organizing data

Knowledge of best methods to acquire digital photographs-understanding of different methods of backing up digital files

Understanding of the life cycle of digital photographs

Knowledge of software and hardware platforms to manage digital photos

Ability to juggle multiple simultaneous requests in a timely manner

Ability to conduct meticulous, detail-oriented historical research

Ability to maintain proper paperwork documenting compliance with internal policies

Ability to communicate technology language and concepts to a non-technological audience

Ability to communicate in written and spoken English

Ability to organize and prioritize archival material


Master’s in library science degree (or related fields) with minor in archival administration or equivalent, continued professional training

Familiarity with the operations of MTA Bridges & Tunnels or other similar public transportation agencies.

Please apply through the MTA website


Questions? communications@nycarchivists.org

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