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ART Committees

The leadership and operation of ART depends upon dedicated volunteers and members, and there are many ways to get involved in the organization. 

We are continually accepting new volunteers and would love to hear your ideas about new and current activities. For inquiries or comments, please complete out Volunteer Interest Form or contact the director of the committee you are interested in below.  

Advocacy Committee

At its core, the mission of ART is to educatepromote, and advocate for the awareness and preservation of archival collections and the professionals who work with these collections.

As an extension, the Advocacy Committee serves as the unifying voice of the association by reporting on local, state, national, and international issues that impact archives and archivists; supporting equality and diversity within the profession; and providing resources and knowledge that can be used to strengthen the archives community, its repositories, and the general public by keeping informed of policies and legislation that directly impact services and access to information.

Issues of Importance: 

Government accountability 
Reforms in access to public records and greater transparency.

Citizens’ rights
Access to information (Freedom of Information (FOIA) laws and the right to privacy) and government surveillance.

Government legislation and its impact on the archives community 
Funding issues and cutbacks, resource allocation, and access to services.

Copyright and intellectual property rights
Redrafting Section 108 of the copyright law, knowledge of Orphan Works, and other protections afforded under intellectual property mandates.

Support of metropolitan area archivists and cultural heritage collections
Rally and campaign in response to issues faced by repositories of all sizes, endorse educational initiatives for archives and within the archives profession, advance policies that address diversity and equality, and ensure the enduring health and stability of historic records through proactive alliances amongst repositories.

Recent events:

Labor in the Archives: A Community Roundtable (January 28, 2019; co-coordinated with the ART Programming Committee and co-sponsored with METRO)

The Advocacy Committee maintains an active web presence, providing updated information about: 
Advocacy Resources for Archivists 
Funding Sources

Disaster Planning and Emergency Collections Assistance
Resources and contacts

Join Us!

New members are encouraged to join. Please contact the Director of the Advocacy Committee for more information and meeting times and locations.

: advocacy@nycarchivists.org

View the Advocacy Committees Strategic Plan

Programming Committee

The Programming Committee is responsible for all aspects of ART’s monthly meetings and the annual holiday party. Committee members seek out potential speakers, locate host sites, coordinate refreshment ordering and meeting set up/break down, greet guests, and report on meetings for the Metropolitan Archivist.

Programming Committee members work with the Membership Committee to retain current members and cultivate new members, making sure that our organization remains relevant to the profession and inclusive to the entire archival community.

If you have suggestions about future programming events or speakers, tips on a host site, feedback on a particular meeting, or if you would like to join, please contact the Director of the Programming Committee: programming@nycarchivists.org

The Programming Committee welcomes student members, retired professionals, and archives volunteers.

Interested in Hosting an ART Event?  

We are always in search of hosting events at our Members' institutions! We typically host events during the weekday evenings between approximately 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm or on the weekends. If your institution fits this description, please contact the Programming Committee. It’s great publicity for you and the Programming Committee members will work with you to ensure that hosting an event is not burdensome to your employer or to you. If interested, please complete this form.

Director: Samantha Rowe

Members: Elena Johansen, Nathan Goldwag, Nicole Font, Stephanie Neel, Martha Ball, Bridget O'Keefe, and Anton Sherin. 

Contact: programming@nycarchivists.org

View the Programming Committee's Strategic Plan

Awards Committee

The ART Awards Committee manages the nominations and logistics of the annual awards ceremony held during New York Archives Week.  Based on member nominations, four awards are presented during Archives Week to recognize worthy colleague, archival organizations, and innovative projects. The awards acknowledge distinguished work and long term achievements in our profession.

Members of the ART Awards Committee review nominations to select appropriate honorees for the four awards: 

Outstanding Support of Archives
Innovative Use of Archives
Archival Achievement
Educational Use of Archives

The Committee is also responsible for arranging for presenters, selecting a venue and arranging catering, printing, and promotion of the event.

The Awards Committee welcomes new members. Please email awards@nycarchivists.org for more information.

Committee Chair
: Deidre Dinnigan
: Martha Tenney
: awards@nycarchivists.org

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee manages ART's internal and external communications. Current projects include managing ART's social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts and supporting programming through documentation of events and hosting virtual discussions. 

Love social media or hosting virtual discussions? Please contact communications@nycarchivists.org if you are looking for volunteer opportunities.

Director: Nicole Font
: communications@nycarchivists.org

View the Communication Committee's Strategic Plan

Education Committee

The Education Committee is dedicated to providing low-cost workshops of interest to archives professionals.

ART’s Education Committee works with the Society of American Archivists (SAA), Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO), and other organizations to bring in-demand training sessions and nationally-known instructors to the NYC area. Recent events include "You Caught Me Mapping: Geolocation for Archivists" and "Normalizing Your Data with XMP."

The Education Committee also organizes the New York Archives Week Symposium (NYAW), held annually in October during New York Archives Week. The 2019 NYAW Symposium, co-sponsored once again by the Center for Jewish History, had the topic of "Rebellion in the Archives!"

If you would like to join the Education Committee, have an idea for a workshop, or would like to see certain topics offered, please email education@nycarchivists.org.

: education@nycarchivists.org

View the Education Committee's Strategic Plan

Outreach Committee

ART’s Outreach Committee provides an awareness of ART members, members’ repositories, and other local archives and area archivists to broad and diverse audiences. The Outreach Committee communicates the value of archives to educators, students, historians, genealogists, artists and the general public through a focus on the preservation and use of historical materials. 

Archives Education Institute

The Outreach Committee’s signature event, the Archives Education Institute (AEI), pairs professional archivists with metropolitan New York educators to demonstrate how archival documents can be incorporated in curriculum to achieve state-mandated learning standards.

The Outreach Committee is looking for volunteers to help with the planning for the seventh annual Archives Education Institute, which is the culminating event for New York Archives Week each year. The AEI is designed to bring together local K-12 educators and archivists to discuss strategies for teaching with primary source materials drawn from the rich collections of local archives, museums and libraries. You'll meet local archivists and teachers and learn about primary source instruction.


Join Us!
New members are encouraged to join. Please contact Cristina Fontánez Rodríguez at outreach@nycarchivists.org for more information and meeting times and locations.
: Bernard Jean
: outreach@nycarchivists.org

View the Outreach Committee's Strategic Plan

Membership Committee and Mentor Program

The Membership Committee is responsible for all aspects relating to membership. Committee members maintain the organizational database, serve as member liaisons at each ART event to welcome new members, facilitate networking opportunities, and generate innovative ideas to maintain ART as a responsive and effective professional resource.

Mentor Program

The Mentoring Program is under the jurisdiction of the Director of the Membership Committee.

Designed to nurture students and emerging professionals, this program brings mentees who are interested in furthering their professional knowledge together with members who have diverse professional expertise and practical working experience. Our Mentorship program is split into the following programs:

Speed Networking: Modeled on a "speed dating" format, these events rotate pairings of students and job seekers with established archives professionals. Participants can get on-the-spot advice on how to navigate the interview process, what working in different archive settings is like, workshop your resume to highlight your skills, and hear friendly feedback from seasoned ART members. The events are announced in advance and signups are open to members and archival professionals.

1-1 Mentorship: This program matches interested students, emerging professionals, and those newly re-entering the job market with archivists representing a range of specializations and institutional contexts based on mutual interests and needs. Mentors will provide guidance on topics such as job search, contract negotiations, networking advice, work/life balance, specialization guidance and any other professional concerns the mentee may have. Mentors and mentees are asked to meet once a month, other than that the topics covered within the mentorship is determined based on the mentees needs and the mentors knowledge. The program lasts for 6 months and then new matches are selected for the next 6 months.

Mentors in either of these programs may suggest coursework, conferences, or workshops to help their mentee achieve his or her career goals. Mentors may also provide guided tours of their institution or provide resources such as publications, sample finding aids, and policies for additional reading. Mentees can pose questions about their mentor’s education and career path, or request a resume and cover letter review. Please note that the program is not an internship. If you are interested in either participating as a mentor or mentee please contact membership@nycarchivists.org or apply to either program when sign-up is open.

As part of the committee, members would attend ART programs and promote membership and maintain sign-up sheets for ART membership. Members could also help launch and run these programs.

Join Us!
If you have ideas on how to keep membership running smoothly, or would like to volunteer your time to membership, we would love to work together to implement! Please contact the Director of the Membership Committee at membership@nycarchivists.org.

Director: William Dinnigan

View the Membership Committee's Strategic Plan

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is responsible for producing content for our blog, Metropolitan Archivist.

If you are interested in joining the Publications committee, please email metropolitanarchivist@nycarchivists.org.

Director: Elizabeth Kobert
: Rachel Garbade, Rudie Hurwitz, Dani Stompor, David Walker

Contact: metropolitanarchivist@nycarchivists.org

Development Committee

The Development Committee is responsible for: 

  • Developing opportunities to identify sponsors for A.R.T., including benefits and expectations
  • Writing content to earn grants from donors and other corporations.
  • Developing and facilitating fundraising campaigns to support ART events including but not limited to, New York Archives Week, ART’s annual holiday party, and all ART programming events.
  • Organizing fundraising events (i.e., dinners, parties, and special events).
  • Managing A.R.T.’s brand and align with allied marketing efforts.
  • Developing new strategies to secure funds.
  • Successfully implementing a development strategy.

If you are interested in joining the Development committee, please email president@nycarchivists.org


Questions? communications@nycarchivists.org

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